About Rev. Rachel


I am the priest-in-charge of Harcourt Parish Episcopal Church and Episcopal chaplain at Kenyon College in the bustling metropolis of Gambier, OH. Before finding myself caught up in this crazy world that is the church, I did a PhD at the Centre for Medieval Studies in the University of Toronto. Want to know about Proverbs in early English literature? I am your woman!

While I (hopefully) dole out some spiritual wisdom, my actor husband Leeman offers his own brand of life advice as H.P. Lovecraft — check him out!  Together, we host Geekually Yoked, the world’s best married Christian Geek Podcast.

We have a toddler named Amanda and a dog named Bilbo. We’re fairly certain they have formed a conspiracy to ensure we never sleep again.

Any opinions expressed on this page are my own and do not reflect the view of Kenyon College or the Episcopal Church.



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